Above Below Sink

The kitchen is one essential room in every abode, and maintaining it hygienically is our primary duty. Is ample of stuff there bothering you to not figure out sufficient space? While you can now utilize that all-time overlooked space there below the kitchen sink! Great idea, isn’t it?

Peacock Revera has brought to you the most versatile modular kitchen options which you can bank on for storing items like Detergents, Dishwasher Bars, cleaning equipment, and trash in classy-looking Bin Holders and Perforated Pedal Bins, etc. As garbage disposal is now a hidden chapter, your kitchen looks more elegant and amiable to work for hours. Cook for your dear ones in a stylish kitchen equipped with sumptuous kitchen accessories, designed in a broad diversity of sizes and designs to meet all of your distinct needs and demands. Add a charm of refinement to your kitchen with the sturdy and professionally created Kitchen Accessories that comes really handy in use!

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