Above Shelves

Take your decorating efforts to new heights with elegant Above shelves of your kitchen. These shelves come in single or above shelves to be hanged on walls where you can place items at your convenient. They offer not just space and clear the juggled areas but also gives an elegant and classy look to your living room or kitchen. Peacock Revera is offering exclusive above shelves to clear up cluttered areas and keep them in an organized manner.

Single Shelf Folding offers to fill the empty space either on the wall, above the sink, windows for showcasing collections, adding storage and bringing fresh appeal to the kitchen. It offers space by organizing your items and accessories in style. Today you can find them online and purchase this product that suits your

Wrap a kitchen corner with above shelves for kitchens to make extra storage space. The Above Shelves are the modern modular kitchen and is a must- have accessories in every home.At Peacock Revera, we have a collection of above shelves in varying shapes and sizes to visually expand the space while keeping with the neutral color scheme.

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